Venezuela and China to create a high technology park close Caracas

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela endorsed an agreement with China’s Lanchao Group on the support and cooperation to put into operation a Technological Industrial Park, located in Miranda state.

The Ministry of People’s Power for Science and Technology, through the Corporation for Scientific and Technological Development (Codecyt), agreed on the creation of a bi-national working group to conceptualize, carry out and strengthen the foundation of research, development and innovation of high-technologies.

With this agreement, the Technological Industrial Park will promote training and technological transfer to meet the social and economic needs of Venezuela.

The Technological Park will be a specially equipped territory for high technology companies with innovating vocation.

Likewise, it will support the development of training, research and technology in the country.

Langchao Group’s representative Wang Miao said that “this technological park’s goal is to install a number of Chinese factories in Venezuela to achieve this country’s technological development.”

“In Venezuela and China, we are building socialism. Under this structure, and thanks to President Hugo Chávez, we are strengthening the technological and productive development,” added Miao.

In addition, Venezuela’s Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Luis Marano indicated that Venezuela and China have strengthened their cooperation relations, and a proof is the launching and operation of the first Venezuelan satellite.

“The People’s Republic of China is a good ally in the field of high technologies such as the Simón Bolívar satellite,” and the computer factory called Venezolana de Industria Tecnológica (VIT), stressed Marcano

“Langchao Group represents the Shandong province in China, a very important industrial province,” said Maracano.

Bolivarian News Agency (ABN) / January 12, 2009


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